Can't-stop-won't-stop confounding the line between engineering and design.


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I'm a senior at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and Applied Science, pursuing a BSE degree in the Digital Media Design program. I'm interested in the intersection between technology and design; striving to make the world a little brighter one small problem at a time; and aspiring to bake the perfect lemon cake and brew the perfect cup of tea.


I've worked in iOS, computer graphics programming (C++ and Unity3D/C#), front-end, and distributed systems (Java), but there's always more to learn!


I have professional experience in UI/UX, graphic design, and prototyping. I use tools like Sketch, Adobe Ps/Ai, and Framer.js to create pixel perfect experiences.


I'm passionate about 3D art, virtual and augmented reality, painting, watching Disney movies, and getting my hands dirty (literally) with pottery and baking.


During my first interview as a scared freshman, I was told I couldn't do it. "You have to choose between engineering and design. It's just not possible." Three years later, I say, "F*ck you. I did it—and I DO it." I grew up trained as a fine artist but also as a scientist: I painted and drew, and also tried to grow my own crystals and penicillin. That mindset has shaped the way I view the world. It fuels my obsessive attention to detail and analytical fervor. I want to know how and why something works—how did they build that seemingly nondescript Ikea chair? Why did they design it they way it is? So when someone told me I couldn't do engineering and design, I almost believed them until I realized that the pair was no different than fine arts and science, and being a great engineer and a great designer were one and the same.⚡






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